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Posted by paul on Jul 16, 2002 at 12:21

Re: Mentos Wheel (Mike Kremer)

the mintos wheel uses sets of two oposing containers with propane or r22 mounted on a axel
seperated by a distance and connected with a tube.
as to allow the gas to move between containers.

at the bottom each container is subjected to heat
from a water or fluid resouvior through heat transfer.
the differential of heat can vary from 3.5 degrees and upwards.
as the container heats up the gas inside the bottom container boils and moves up to its opposing container.
this offsets the weights of the fluid only and energy is taken in the form of rotational torque.
it is a very slow rpm high torque apparatus.
it has been given to the world by the inventer.
the heat differential can be gained from placing the apparatus in a shaded area or air conditioned home and the heat can be taken from outside atmospheric temperatures.
and the process could be reversed in the winter.

if the links didnt work heres the cut-n-paste version

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