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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 15, 2002 at 13:07

Re: Mentos Wheel (paul )

What is the Mentos wheel?
The drinking bird is a alcohol filled tube, sold at fairgrounds or gadget shops.
Its comprised of two glass bulbs separated by capillery tube. The top bulb has the capillery tube sealed into it which goes down almost to the bottom of the lower bulb. The lowerbulb cotains
a mixture of alcohol and coloured water.
The whole thing is sealed. The top bulb is covered with cotton or towel scrim, and made wet.
This cools the top bulb which draws up the alcohol
from the lower bulb. Providing the balance point is found somewhere half way up between the bulbs,
the "bird" will tip over dunking the top bulb in a suitably placed glass of water, freeing the capillery tube of liquid, which flows back down to the lower bulb. Repeating ad-infinitum.
I think thats about right

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