'Big Bang' Theory & 'Man-Made Heaven' Theory

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yzend1 on Jul 13, 2002 at 14:25

Suppose that in the distant future scientists discover how to manipulate time. The suppose scientists then design and construct a 'Big Bang Machine', send it back in time to the beginning (year dot), trigger it, thereby creating the building blocks and fabric of the universe, which evolves into stars and planets, giving rise to life, including intelligent life (alien/human), which produce scientists, who one day design and construct a 'Big Bang Machine'.
This suggests that if it wasn't for intelligent life (human/alien) the universe would be void (non-existent).

Now suppose, before the universe dies, scientists design and construct a 'man-made heaven' and 'eternal bodies', and transfer the consciousness of every every living being (at their time of death) to these 'eternal bodies' in the 'man-made heaven' for eternity. Live volunteers would no doubt be required to donate themselves for mind/brain research, including surgery, in order for the scientists to perfect a method of transfering everyone's consciousnesses.

These two ideas are unproven, but in time who knows?

If you were serious about these two ideas who would you approach to get these two projects off the ground?


Thanx for your time.

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