Re: Hydrogen vehicles may be worse than gasoline

Posted by Southern Man on Jul 13, 2002 at 12:01

Re: Hydrogen vehicles may be worse than gasoline (Luis Montero)

“Water steam will form clouds, and those clouds will make rain.”

And clouds are the problem because they trap heat. Ever notice it is much warmer on a cloudy night than when the sky is clear? That’s called a greenhouse effect.

“On the other hand, CO2 remains in the atmosphere. This is not the same.”

CO2 is removed by plants all the time. The only reason the CO2 level keeps increasing is we keep releasing more all the time. Actually there are more natural mechanisms for removing CO2 from the atmosphere than there are for removing water. Plants and chemical reactions can both remove CO2 permanently but even if you dump water into the ocean it will just evaporate eventually.

“Moreover, if you want to avoid the steam, simply put a condenser at the end of the muffler.”

And where are you going to put the collected water? Drop it in the street to evaporate? No, a hydrogen economy depends on transforming ocean water into atmospheric water vapor which is far worse for heating the planet than the CO2 we currently have.

BTW, welcome. :-)

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