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Posted by Southern Man on Jul 13, 2002 at 10:38

Re: the promised quote...with a TWIST (anyman)

In life we have to learn to trust some things without conclusive proof. That doesn't mean that we donít try as often as possible to get proof but that sometimes we just donít have the ability or time to check every jot and tittle. Given that, who would you rather trust; someone who admits mistakes when they find they have made them or someone who resists admitting error until dragged kicking and screaming to the truth by others? As for me, your word is good enough until I have time to personally prove any error you may have made.

And what does this have to do with science? Prove everything you can before accepting it. Then accept what comes from people who admit they donít know all the answers. Finally view the ďexpertsĒ as probably the least reliable source of information because even though they might be right most of the time, you can never tell when they are just blowing smoke to maintain their image.

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