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Posted by Southern Man on Jul 13, 2002 at 10:19

Re: Why we're not one nation "under God." (DA Morgan)

“Some of us read the writings of our founding fathers ourselves rather than just taking the interpretations…”

Yes, some of us do. If you would display some tendency toward reading what was said here before commenting you might also gain a reputation for a person who was capable of reading. As it stands…

"Who was the city of Cincinnati named for?"

Ok, so you became fascinated by something your sister told you. That makes you an expert I guess. But you couldn’t even get that right. Cincinnati was not named for a person but rather for a group that named themselves after a person. Cincinnati began as part of the Miami Purchase in 1788. The town of Losantiville (later to be known as Cincinnati) was founded by Nathias Denman, Robert Patterson, and Israel Ludlow. The name Losantiville is a combination of Latin, Greek, French, and Delaware Indian meaning "town opposite the mouth of the Licking River". Fort Washington was built nearby to protect settlers from Indian raids. In 1790, General Arthur St. Clair, Commander of Fort Washington, was given permission to change the name of the city to Cincinnati in honor of the Society of Cincinnatus, an organization of Revolutionary War officers founded by George Washington. The Society of Cincinnatus is a faternal organization that allows membership to first born sons of existing members. The organization was named after Cincinnatus, a Roman farmer who put down his plow to take up arms in defense of the community. When the crisis ended, he returned to his plow. The motivation driving Cincinnatus was public virtue; not money or power, but a reputation as a virtuous citizen, was the permissible reward under a republican system of government. Some think this was Washington’s motivation also. These people have never read Washington’s expense account for the years he was in charge of the army. Washington was out to make as much money and live as well as possible during those years and there was a great uproar when the expenses were presented to the new Congress for payment at the conclusion of the war. Ultimately Washington did get his money (in today’s currency it would have amounted to tens of millions of dollars) and he went back to living on his farm but with a much higher standard of living than he had before the war.

So what, if anything does this have to do with science?

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