Re: Playing God--Not quite, I think

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 13, 2002 at 04:42

Re: Playing God (DA Morgan)

I suspect they hav'nt actually MADE any DNA, but
have collected revelant bits and pieces from various Data Banks...or retrieved the bits of DNA strand that they have broken up in a test tube.
....and fitted together the relevent form the genome seq for Polio (which they copied anyway,{{they could'nt have made it unless they had a copy of the Polio template))

Hopefully some one knowlegable about this will reply and put me right? Prehaps Mara or Thermus aquaticus?

What bothers me is that The World Heath Org:
having spent billions getting rid of Smallpox from the World....That some poxy enemy agent could make and release a "synthetic" copy of a virulent virus upon the world.
A virus that we had spent time an effort in eliminating
Releasing it upon people who had no more natural immunity against a particular virus. Or Doctors who had little knowledge, or access to treatment.

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