Re: Women Attracted to Men Who Smell Like Dad

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mara on Jan 24, 2002 at 12:27

Re: Women Attracted to Men Who Smell Like Dad (Richard Linney)

tell me that the women who 'sniffed t-shirts that had been worn by men for a few nights' (!) were paid. please tell me this.

was a negative control consisting of t-shirts worn by women used ?
were more than 20 individuals tested ?

i have noticed that in some experiments that are reported, neither negative or positive controls are used, nor are there always more than 20 participants.

these are criteria that seem to me to be essential to a reliable scientific experiment. at the very least.

plus, what if you do not know who your paternal biological parent is ?

can you go around 'sniffing men's t-shirts' in order to detect your 'paternal parent'?

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