Re: The Earth Could Tip Upside Down

Posted by Southern Man on Jul 12, 2002 at 08:07

Re: The Earth Could Tip Upside Down (Mike Kremer)

“Yet i am sure I rem reading that ancient kiln fired pottery, showed (or proved) magnetic flip, due to the 'fixing' of the local magnetic field into the pottery, as it cooled. “

Wouldn’t that dispute your claim that we are overdue because of no flip in the past ½ million years?

“But I do know of course, that the Suns magnetic field change places with an eleven year regularity North becomes South, and South becomes North. “

Yes, the sun, being far more fluid than the earth’s core, can flip with very predictable regularity. The cycle is 22 years and the last flip occurred just a few months ago.

And not to change the subject (I did mention global warming earlier in this thread) but the sun’s flips also cause changes in the temperature of the earth. And the sun causes long term temperature changes. Oops, I forgot. DAMorgan said the sun had no effect on the earth’s heat balance. Never mind. ;)

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