Re: Why we're not one nation "under God."

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DA Morgan on Jul 11, 2002 at 01:47

Re: Why we're not one nation "under God." (Dogrock)

Some of us read the writings of our founding fathers ourselves rather than just taking the interpretations layered on by self-serving politicos and self-annointed religious leaders.

A classic example I have challenged the people here to take us now for more than two years without a single affirmative response. Who was the city of Cincinnati named for? And what is the connection to one of the most important foundations of the US's republican democracy.

This is an absolutely critical event to understanding this country. And yet I have yet to meet anyone that knows the answer that isn't a history buff, and most of them with a PhD in the subject of American history.

So how do I know about it? My sister is a history prof at the University of Wisconsin. She's at her UW, I'm at mine. Go figure.

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