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Posted by anyman on Jul 11, 2002 at 00:24

Re: hmm... (Dogrock)

noble thoughts...

if i understand you correctly, you are most certainly correct that man, humanity is the most important and valuable resource on the planet...and i would venture to the universe

on the other hand, i don't think we are going anywhere off planet...not in any appreciable numbers

you can call it a prediction or a related set of predictions...

yes we have left the planet and orbited the earth...we have been to the moon...we might might might get to mars...a few may even go further

but i seriously doubt that even small colonies will be established within the solar system...and i very seriously doubt that there will ever be any extrasolar colonial activity

and i don't believe that anyone is coming to meet us because i don't believe that there is anyone else out there

pretty safe predictions because none of them are likely to be seriously challenged in what's left of my lifetime

but they can be pigeonholed somewhere and tested to perpetuity

and i am not claiming to be a prophet or the son of a prophet...these are simple predictions based on information that is extant and presently available to all

until then the several aspects of my prediction await falsification :-)

good news is...we all gonna know someday :-)

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