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DA Morgan on Jul 10, 2002 at 18:22

Re: Think About It (bobbapink)

You know I've been thinking about this and I too think Uncle Al may be onto something.

If we got rid of those pesky people in Nevada there would be no one to complain about us moving our trash there. And how about North Dakota? What ever came out of North Dakota that any of us care about? And lets face it. Even if we put it up to a vote there aren't enough people there to outvote us.

But why stop with a nuke or two. We could use nerve gas and take over the entire Middle East. All that oil for free and no more terrorist types.

Stand back everyone while Uncle Al and his ovens solve all of the world's problems. With any luck at all he will consider you to be "one of us" rather than "one of them."

Thank you, Uncle Al, for reinforcing any flagging sentiments around the phrase "Ugly American."

(if you didn't catch the sarcasm you will need to clean your shoes)

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