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Posted by bobbapink on Jul 10, 2002 at 16:36

Re: Think About It (Uncle Al)

From a completely detached, logical POV, you are...maybe correct. Prob is, you really didn't pick a substantially unproductive set of populations in which to nuke. The Chinese, Indians and even the Pakistanis are all economically significant to we here in the western first world nations. China provides slave labor to produce our McDonald’s happy meal toys, India provides 7-11 clerks, and Pakistan helps covertly fuel the terror war our nation desperately needs as a replacement to the now-defunct spoilsport USSR cold war. I’d recommend instead, just out of spite for their refusing to play anymore, we pick the old Soviet bloc nations instead. All they seem to be providing are new mafia warlords and black-marketers

Oops. Scratch that. I need the black-marketers.

OK. France then. Although they do make a pretty good fry and that kiss thing they invented was pretty cool, they haven't done much of late.

(Five minutes after I post this I fully expect them to surrender.)

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