Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space?

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DA Morgan on Jul 09, 2002 at 16:58

Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space? (Bobba)

You wrote:
"Because you protest those things that support you."

My response:
Never. I present points-of-view I don't agree with. But that does not mean I support them. Science is not a take-no-hostages enterprise. It is not a courtroom drama where the point is to convince the judge and jury. It is a search for a better understanding.

Please don't turn into anyman. You have so much more menal clarity. I'd hate to lose you to just spouting a political point-of-view.

And with respect to your "Not really" I must admit that is a surprise. Even though we have often disagreed I have always thought you capable of cutting a steak with something sharper than an elbow.

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