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Posted by anyman on Jul 09, 2002 at 10:40

Re: more than 3 or 4... (DA Morgan)

if that's all you see ( "one or two people here and there out of community of millions world-wide" ), then you have some serious problems with both your eyesight and your cognitive abilities :-)

Nowhere in any of your examples did I find anything even remotely akin to the murder of every innocent first-born child in an entire country. Or the complete and total destruction of an entire city with the murder of every person inside no matter their age or circumstances.

you call it murder, others may agree, god and the book call it justice or judgement...god says murder is a sin...god does not sin

we may not be able to understand it all, i certainly don't pretend to (although i do understand some of it and probably more than most), but then we are not god (isaiah 55.8-9)

And the intentionaal creation of a disease that kills young children slowly and painfully.

it is the natural consequence of marred perfection...he warned that there would be consequences for disobedience/sin (genesis 2.16-17), the choice was man's (ours)...our choices as men sometimes affect not only ourselves but also those around us and those that come after us...kinda like your logic on why we should spend billions on global say that if we don't, then we are being selfish and unconcerned for our progeny generations down the line :-)

i disagree with your initial premise on global warming but if it were true, the rest of your logic, in that particular instance, would be faultless :-)

ps -- some of our choices may have only temporal (temporary) effect(s)...some can have eternal effect(s)

Perhaps you have a hard time telling the difference between a bicycle accident and thermonuclear warfare. But some of us still exercise our cognitive abilities.

i don't think so...but you are certainly entitled to thus opine...however, you have once again handily demonstrated your utter ineptitude as an hermeneuticist :-)

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