Re: The Earth Could Tip Upside Down

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 08, 2002 at 12:08

Re: The Earth Could Tip Upside Down (Southern Man)

You may be right, prehaps I got it wrong.
Your URL states that an Earth magnetic flip could take a 1000years to complete.
Yet i am sure I rem reading that ancient kiln fired pottery, showed (or proved) magnetic flip, due to the 'fixing' of the local magnetic field into the pottery, as it cooled.
Ho hum....I will try to find relevant info later.

But I do know of course, that the Suns magnetic field change places with an eleven year regularity
North becomes South, and South becomes North.
Its called the 'Suns Bipolar Flip' and the magnetic exchange always takes place at Sun spot maximum, very quickly (within one month usually)

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