At what stage of evolution did man reach Australia?

Posted by flukus on Jul 07, 2002 at 07:56

I fully expect some of you to call me crazy/stupid weird or all three but at least have the decency to explain why.

About 10 years ago when I was a kid me and my friends were playing by the local creek and I stumbled on to a bone. After digging it up it looked like half a skull and apart from a few missing teeth (and being only half a skull) it was in pretty good condition.

I took the skull to show and tell at school and no one could workd out what it was, but after that I just left it at home and forgot about it.

About 6 months later I was reading a friends book and it had a few pages on the evolution of man. Staring at me was the full page pictur with a few different skulls lined up. One was an ape (or similar creature), one was human and one was some sort of in between (I was ten at the time, I couldn't even read words that big let alone remember them for ten years)So I'll just call it neanderthal for now.

What amazed me most was that the neanderthal skull looked exactly like the one I had found by the river. Sadly, Mum threw out the bones one day and what would have been my proof (whether it backed me up or finally got the subject out of my head) now resides at the local rubish dump.

I don't expect anyone to believe my story but for my own amusement, what stage of human evolution was achieved when people first came to Australia? And is it possible that another species (neanderthal or otherwise) ever reached Australia?

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