Re: The Earth Could Tip Upside Down

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 05, 2002 at 18:24

Re: planetary rotation (anyman)

Not literaly of course, but the Magnetic poles are due to flip soon.
Exactly when, might be difficult to predict but
the magnetic North and South poles change places every 1/2 million years. We are due for a change about now. As the Noth magnetic pole is moving
out of Canada into the Artic ocean at the incredible rate of ten miles per year, increasing.
The South magnetic pole has moved to beneath the
Southern tip of Africa. (compasses point verticaly
upwards here, as they do at the North mag: pole)
Life during a reversal could be very difficult.
Certain Birds would be unable to migrate. Neither
could Turlles and many fish species. Not to mention loads of insects becoming unable to orientate themselves.
I would think our overhead powerlines would trip
out, as well as small boats relying upon compasses
Prehaps the Aerola Borealis would light up the whole sky, raining down high speed ion particles thru our bodys, as well as allowing Cosmic rays to modify our sperm. Genetic mutations would be the norm. While mag: radiation would kill off TV, and radio communications.

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