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Posted by Thermus aquaticus on Jul 03, 2002 at 22:55

Re: Evolution (Dogrock)

There is no problem with evolution here. You are referring to axolotls and salamanders, I assume. These creatures are amphibians, not fish. And as the Bard said, therein lies the rub!

Amphibians are, in effect, living transitional creatures representing the transition from water to land. Amphibians have an aquatic larval stage followed by a metamorphosis of fins into legs and the development of lungs. The adults can live in both water and on land. All land vertebrates are descended from ancient amphibians, of which there are numerous fossils.

Axolotls are an interesting variant. They display neoteny, a trait where the larval aquatic form is retained into adulthood. They do, however, retain the ability to metamorphose into a land dwelling form with lungs in response to certain hormones and/or environmental stress.

Plenty of reading on the subject here.

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