Re: Aspirin could Cut Lung Cancer

Posted by Southern Man on Jul 03, 2002 at 08:37

Re: Aspirin could Cut Lung Cancer (DA Morgan)

You said "Never have I said the benefits are questionable.

You also said "The other is longer-term and the exact benefit still somewhat sketchy."

I guess the difference between sketchy and questionable is just semantics? You really regret making one of the two statements and now you will ignore the logic just to save face?

The point is as you well know, $18B could have been used to save lives. Instead it was used to provide questionable, sketchy, (any other weasel words you would like to use?) results. People died so that Greenpeace leadership could live well.

"Perhaps you should just go back to the name you used to use for your postings."

And that would be?

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