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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jul 02, 2002 at 22:38

Re: The Amazing Tippe Top (Mike Kremer)

I am sure you realise that was my analogy in real compare a Tippe Top with a planet.
There is no way a planet weighing trillions of tons, is going to abruptly stop spinning and start spinning in the reverse direction, unless you know something we dont.
Now even if you could turn a Planet upside down
it will still be spinning in IT'S same direction.
It has NOT stopped and reversed its spin.

To put it more simply....Twist a pen held firmly between thumb and forefinger. Look down at the pen and note whether you are turning clockwise or anticlockwise. Still turning the pen, turn your hand upside down. (I suggest you twist slowly so you dont run out of finger) And now look at the new top of the pen (which was at the bottom)
I think you will find what was clockwise is now anticlockwise or visa versa.
You did not stop turning your pen, its still turning in the same direction. OK
Now if you allow a Tippe Top to spin naturally
note the spin direction of its 'top' surface,
After the Top as turned upside down you will find that the new 'top' surface (formerly the bottom)
is spinning in the SAME DIRECTION

Try it with a Graduation ring.
Yes Uranus got turned upside down in its distant past. Just like that pen experiment.

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