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mara on Jul 02, 2002 at 12:34

Re: where is that oort cloud...(wade et al) (DA Morgan)

i am not a gambling person, and i was trying to think of a non-negative interpretation of his change of focus from evolution to non-evolution.

what i came up with was the possibility that he was confronted with a situation in which his interpretation leaned heavily towards non-evolution, possibly because of personal reasons.

an example that i may give is medical healing.
some people from a particular religious group may observe medical healings. i have no reason not to believe that these observations are correct.

some of these people then interpret the healings in light of their religious beliefs.

i do not doubt these peoples observations, but i do disagree wiht their interpretations, i think the situations can be explained by scientific reasoning.

so, a cure is affected.
some attribute it to a religious phenomena.
i interpret it to a scientific reason.

i suspect that the non-evolutionist, because of a personal situation, interprets an observation in light of religious, rather than scientific reasoning.

6. non-malicious misinterpretation

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