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Posted by Southern Man on Jul 02, 2002 at 08:19

Re: the universe is ~6kyo (DA Morgan)

Ok, let me cut and paste some relevant sentences from this thread.

Anyman and I were discussing the observed motion of the universe and almost as an aside we drifted toward whether the end of the universe would be a crunch or infinite expansion. At one point he said “and let's not forget about the law of increasing entropy :-) or the law of energy conservation crunchtime :-) “

I replied “Entropy requires either a crunch or a cold dead universe. Either is acceptable.”

You jumped in with “I will agree that either is acceptable. But entropy has nothing to do with it. They are totally unrelated constructs.” And “The end of the universe is related to the strength of the gravitational field and its interaction with quintessence. And the strength neither has of which has anything to do with entropy.”

In a vain attempt to lift you from your abysmal ignorance I tried to point out “Without entropy there is nothing to limit organized energy levels. Without entropy all that mass that determines the gravitational fields that you think single-handedly determine the end could evaporate into structured energy fields.”

Your response was “Not once in a physics class on relativity or quantum mechanics or string theory or Mbranes have I heard anyway state that entropy does what you say.” Well DUH!!! You’re ignorant of even the most basic thermodynamics and so anyone who knows more than you do must be wrong? Maybe you should take a logic course before working on freshman physics.

It seems you then realized you had made a major error but being unwilling to admit your error you ran off in all directions attempting to change the subject. Now we are heading back with your comment “There is no violation of the second law of thermodynamics whether the universe ends in a black hole or as photons.”

Glad to see you finally agree with my original statement above(“Entropy requires either a crunch or a cold dead universe. Either is acceptable.”). One thing entropy definitely eliminates is a static universe. Now let’s get one more agreement. Entropy (2nd law) determines the ratio of mass to energy and the ratio of mass to energy determines ultimate crunch or expansion. Therefore entropy affects the end in that if it were different the result would be different. Entropy is a determining factor in which direction we are headed. Not the only determining factor but a major component.

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