Posted by anyman on Jul 02, 2002 at 06:17

Re: ...all Science is based in conjecture and Faith.... (DA Morgan)

Take away one authorless book and you have no basis for anything.

i am aware of no book that is "authorless"

how can a book exist without an author

a book might have an editor or editors that compile the work of one or more authors...but i don't think you will find or produce "one authorless book" :-)

And what is most amazing ... is you are willing to bet your life on it.

perhaps you refer to THE book...which has an author and subsequent authors and editors

and you can rest assured or be amazed if you prefer that i am willing to bet my life on fact, i am not only willing, i am betting my life on it (about the only bet i make these days :-)

and my evidenced faith is based on considerable external evidences as well as those that are internal to the text

the extrabiblical evidences powerfully lend attestation to the validity of the internal evidences :-)

but you right in part...if one takes away THE book (that has an author), there is nothing ("no basis for anything") left but some form of accidental random chance lucky undirected non-purposed unintelligent evolutionary type paradigm :-)

and i am unwilling to bet my life on that :-)

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