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Re: ┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐Huh?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐ (DA Morgan)

Honest mistakes are not frauds. So, for example, the cold fusion stuff was certainly in error but no fraud was committed.

there have been many other instances that were outright irrefutable frauds in science...cold fusion is irrelevant straw to the point of this thread...and you are fraudulently attempting to redirect :-)

But in the case of science ... the work was published in a peer reviewed journal and other scientists immediately attempted to duplicate the work, failed, and the error exposed.

and in the case of theoLOGY, and theology is science, the primary work, the book, is the most peer-reviewed publication of all time...far and away...no comers even a little bit close...and it has yet to be falsified :-)

Perhaps you would like to review the Catholic church's support of the Inquisition, of Nazi atrocities. Of the Protestant-Catholic wars that murdered hundreds of thousands. Of the support until very recently by organized Christian churches in the United States for the KKK and the most outrageous aspects of segregation.

Your memory is most conveniently absent I presume. Or ... as always ... those other Christians aren't really Christians ...

great scot, lad...perhaps you just failed to read :-)

i'm pretty sure i was the one that recently reviewed that for you...and...i think my memory is reasonably flush on this matter, though i do lack a few details regarding more specific numbers that i'd still like to have close at hand

it was fairly recently that i said...

pseudo-chrisitanity (which is NOT christianity -- one example of which would be the papacy and the roman church but they are not alone on the list of pseudo-christianity) has been responsible for many tortures, murders (millions, maybe maybe MAYBE tens of millions, but it would likely be mostly limited to whatever number of deaths would be attributed to the crusades, slavery [mostly in america], apartheid in s africa, n ireland, the balkans, and the american ku kux klan, and i don't have the figures or even reasonable estimates handy...but if anyone has reasonable estimates handy, please feel free to post them...however moot the point might be to this discussion, i would be interested in having those figures for ready reference)

and it would be useful to review what i said in that entire post...that link is here

but you welcome to try again...and again :-)

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