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Re: speaking of black and white... (DA Morgan)

No doubt then you won't waffle in your support for turning one's virgin daughters over to an angry mob to rape (Genesis 19) either. that you making reference to scripture, dano...and even posting the scripture reference...i thought you recently said you never do such things :-)

are you waffling :-)

to the point of your question...

one of the many evidences that the book did not originate in the minds of men is the history it records...unlike ANY OTHER history in the world, the book records many and one could even say mostly the evil done by the chosen people of god

uninspired historians (ie those that did not get their info from god) generally record few of the bad things in the history of their respective nations (like the recent japanese attempt at revisionist history for one example)...they invariably tend to cast their national history in terms of the good things accomplished...sometimes, many times, to the point of embellishing and even inventing history

this is happening a little bit less in modern times because the world has moved so much closer to a "global community" and with the rapid transmission and analysis of information available particularly in the last ~100+ years it is not nearly as easy for folks to get away with such revisions

then of course, the american situation is kind of unique in that with all of the pc mentality going on, the american press and media in general thrive on negative news...and so it has become chic to expose anything and everything that smacks of evil or coverup...

in a semi-rapid reversal of has become a kind of **the bearers of bad news get the glory...and the money, of course** mentality

but those things have not been so historically...historically folks have tended to record the good stuff and omit the bad stuff

however, unlike any other history in the world, the book records on page after page the evil thoughts and deeds of the chosen people of god

from genesis chapter 12 to the end of malachi and even including the gospels (the gospels are actually part of the old covenant era in the sense that the old covenant was not filled full and removed from any binding power until the death of jesus...and really really we don't even start dealing with gentiles for the most part until acts 10 :-) we find a history of the chosen people of god...the descendants of abraham, the hebrews, the jews

but many of the good things that they might have done are not in evidence...or they just didn't do very many decent things (i tend to the former understanding)...instead we find a phenomenal record of evil

it is a fair representation of reality...most of us have been guilty of many of the same things and all of us have been guilty of some of the same things that they were guilty of (lies, deceit, sexual immorality, various nefarious plots, turning away from god, worshipping idols or false gods, trying to pick and choose among god's words, disregarding those that spoke for god, trying to reinterpret or change or add to or take away from his plan, pattern, blueprint that he recorded in holy writ, etc)

back to an indirect kind of way :-)

the book records that eve took the fruit and that adam followed her...does that make what they did right

the book records that abraham twice gave his wife (who was also his sister) to kings and told them that she was his sister omitting that she was also his wife so that they might spare his life...does that make what he did right

his son isaac was guilty of the same father like son...does that make what he did right

lot offered his virgin daughters to the bull faggots that were outside his door...does that make what he did right

(ps -- did you read the rest of the story at genesis 19.10-11...probably not, like most other things that you don't bother to guess is that you didn't even get this story from reading the probably got it from some website that specializes in "errors of the bible" or some such...anyway...the angels didn't let him consumate the foul plan that he had hatched in his corrupt little mind...i wish they would more actively prevent many of us from hatching the foul plans that are hatched in our corrupt little minds...but he has his ways and his reasons and they are far higher and wiser than our ability to grasp them sometimes -- isaiah 55.8-9)

the book records that david took bread from the altar in the tabernacle...does that make what he did right

the book records that david took another man's wife, then hatched evil plots in his corrupt little mind to cover up his act...culminating with the murder of her husband when his earlier plots failed...does that make what he did right

you see, dano...just because the book records something, some historical event :-) doesn't mean that the book endorses that deed or thought as good or right

but you wouldn't know about that because you haven't even learned how to discern between good and evil and right and wrong much beyond a young child's level

once again, your hermeneutical attempt is glaringly erroneous...and i continue to question your ability to to apply reason and logic at a critical level

so the short answer is, NO...i do not give "support for turning one's virgin daughters over to an angry mob [or anyone else for any reason] to rape waffles here :-)

but you are once again doing a find job of picking and choosing :-)

and, of always welcome to try again :-)

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