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DA Morgan on Jul 01, 2002 at 13:52

Re: ┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐Huh?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐?┐ (anyman)

Honest mistakes are not frauds. So, for example, the cold fusion stuff was certainly in error but no fraud was committed.

But in the case of science ... the work was published in a peer reviewed journal and other scientists immediately attempted to duplicate the work, failed, and the error exposed.

Perhaps you would like to review the Catholic church's support of the Inquisition, of Nazi atrocities. Of the Protestant-Catholic wars that murdered hundreds of thousands. Of the support until very recently by organized Christian churches in the United States for the KKK and the most outrageous aspects of segregation.

Your memory is most conveniently absent I presume. Or ... as always ... those other Christians aren't really Christians ... only you are.

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