According to their need...

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jul 01, 2002 at 11:22

Re: Praise the Docs and pass the neurotransmitters (Dogrock)

"...but I'd rather people got what they needed only, or what they asked for... not what they were told they need. "

Same here, with one proviso. Some people are not able to determine intelligently what they need, or evaluate whether it helps. A person in the throes of a schizophrenic hallucination or a suicidal depression is not really thinking rationally, and unless someone chooses to act for them, they will not get the help they need.

In other words, there may be times when what a person asks for will not help them, or they are not in a position to ask. Perhaps we should ask what are society's rights and responsibilities in those instances?

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