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Posted by Southern Man on Jul 01, 2002 at 08:09

Re: HTML primer (bobbapink)

Great link. Unfortunately they don't all work on as many browsers as implied. One of the problems with the web is that like the Internet there are a lot of standards and then there are the things people really do. M$ has taken the IBM path of providing “enhancements” to the standards. When people use these enhancements then the viewers have to either use M$ software or the pages don’t display as designed. IBM became a defacto monopoly by providing many good enhancements programmers really wanted. Programmers used them and then when it came time to upgrade hardware they found the programs that had cost hundreds of man-years to develop would only run on IBM. Guess what kind of premium companies would pay so as not to have to rewrite all that code just to upgrade hardware? Once an IBM shop; always an IBM shop. M$ has and is using the same method because it works. It works so well that many people using the enhancements don’t even know they are enhancements. The current standard for HTML is 4.01 and can be found at:

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