Posted by anyman on Jul 01, 2002 at 00:46

Re: More On The Founding Fathers (DA Morgan)

i read it in its entirety...some parts were new to me...and i must thus admit to some degree of ignorance...overall, an interesting link

other documents would seem to conflict with this melange of quotations...however that should come as no surprise from the writings of corrupt are we all

i will temporarily withdraw from this thread and any related to review and reflect on my views regarding this particular issue...that does not mean that my view has necessaarily changed on this particular means that this reference is interesting and provokes reconsideration at a minimum

i have not for about ten years claimed or believed that the founding fathers were fact, i have oft claimed that they were not, at least by and large...i claimed only that they strove to found the american government on christian principles as best they understood them...and this is the part that i will review for a time

that deism and "enlightenment" theology were rampant among them is no new is or should be common knowledge

all of anyman's views are always subject to review, reflection, and reconsideration

Bet I know which way you'll go.

save your money, dude, you don't know diddly :-)

interesting find, thanx

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