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Posted by anyman on Jun 29, 2002 at 15:37

Re: you err... (Sparrow)

the law was given not only so that we would recognize sin but so that we would recognize that we could not save ourselves...that we needed a savior

christianity is the ONLY philosophy in the world that records that which is so commensurate with reality...only christianity teaches that YOU CANNOT alone SAVE YOURSELF; YOU NEED A SAVIOR

every other philosophy in the world teaches YOU MUST SAVE YOURSELF

you right about law...we are under no part of the mosaic law today

we live under the law of christ in the dispensation of grace

no one was disputing that with you...the dispute was (and we had this conversation many months ago on this board) with your claim that the mosaic law was only the ten commandments and that the balance of laws (~613 of them) were added later by the that you wrong

however, nine of the "ten commandments" are reiterated in the new covenant and so we are again to obey them :-)

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