Ay wuz gona talk 'bout thuh Spiruht 'u Sayuhns

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I. Intryduckshun

Science is a dynamic, intrinsic t'th' creashun of ev'ry nonmahstic idea, an' t'th' prackical effo'ts fo' brin'in' sech ideas t'reality. This hyar process is a majo' facko' behind ev'ry existin' produckive
strategy an' ackshun.

Unnerstan'in' th' spirit of science kin delivah a varmint a whole noo approach t'all areas of thunk-intensive wawk an' problem solvin'.

Science-based reckonin' mitigates reckonin' erro's an' mahsticisms while empowerin' indivijools t'creatively integrate noo ideas -- especially corntrovahsial an' non-tradishunal ideas -- wif
prackical ackshuns, tharby brin'in' their ideas into reality.

Af'er havin' read this hyar manual, yo' will unnerstan' th' essence of science, th' reason whuffo' the dawgoned-est innovative research is suppressed in today's civilizashun, an' by which groups, an' how yo'
can benefit by applyin' scientific reckonin' t'yer varmintal an' business goals.

II. Th' essence of science

Th' juneral definishun of science is: observashun, identificashun, dexcripshun, experimental investigashun, an' theo'etical explanashun. While this hyar dexcripshun is true, it is not good 'nuff fo'
unnerstan'in' th' specific essence of th' process of science.

By definishun, science is methodology, is disciplined ackivity. Thet methodology cornsists of observin' cuz an' effeck -- a process thet cornstantly yields noo experience, which is then integrated
wif reality -- integrated wif all facks thet is proven, se'f-evident, o' axiomatic. Whenevah corntradickshuns result, th' facks involved muss be reconsidered, until they is all cornsissent wif the
integrated scientific pitcher of reality. This hyar is th' key t'unnerstan'in' th' specific essence of science.

Th' process of science leads t'constant quesshunin' of established theo'ies, facks an' beliefs, through th' confrontashun wif noo evidence. It discards th' noshun of establishin' autho'ity-based
truths (like all other tradishunal systems fo' acquirin' smarts) in favo' of integratin' proven, but nevah absolute facks thet muss exist in corntext wif previous smarts.

Existin' "facks" may allus be disproven by later, wider integrashuns of proven smarts. Th' essence of science is th' in-corntext pitcher of reality as th' integrated whole of all previous
smarts, an' th' dynamic, cornstant quesshunin' of established facks through th' intryduckshun of noo facks. In turn, sech reality-aligned facks yield cornscious-based effo'ts thet lead t'noo,
problem-solvin' technology which on overrides th' defaults of nature.

A cornclushun of th' scientific view is also th' convickshun thet nothin' in exissence is ultimately unknowable t'us. Its logic deman's proof fo' ev'ry assershun, includin' thet one. Even wif a
hypothetically provable theo'y thet some sartin thin's is fo'evah unknowable, thet theo'y itse'f might ultimately be disproved by future, wider facks.

III. Science in an irrashunal civilizashun

Free scientific progress is a dynamic thet knows no boun's o' limits. Tharfo'e, it kinnot unfold its potential wifin Earth's tradishunal civilizashun, wif its inharnt rules of stagnashun, limits of
freedom, limits of free-thunk wide-scope thunks. To on overcome an' discard today's daid-end dynamics, it is absolutely necessary t'fust fully unnerstan' an' reckanize their facshul presence.
Only then, one kin discard them fo'evah.

Backed through autho'ity an' fo'ce, th' chareeckeristics of th' tradishunal civilizashun is fundamentally incompatible wif th' evah-changin', evah-progressin' buildin' of valid smarts; fum the
nearly 1500-year christian rejeckshun an' prosecushun of diffrunt perspeckives, t'th' modern irrashunal fears of technology, invious/igno'ant anti-progress attitudes thet is created an'
perpetuated by dishoness academics, religious mahstics, media varmints an' politicians, seldom quesshuned by th' autho'ity-seekin' populace, an' o'chestrated by vast systems of direckshunless,
false-power-seekin' bureaucracies. Autho'ity-led societies create an' maintain unquesshunable, smarts-diminishin' houn'dogmas, while liberated science creates mahth-bustin',
smarts-enhancin' solushuns.

Most of th' professhunal scientific research thet takes place today is extremely expensive an' inefficient, knowin' no cost discipline on account o' of fundin' fum govments an' trimenjus, mostly
"politically co'reck", co'po'ashuns, an' cornservative, expan'in' smarts in fine-established slow-growth areas, while shunnin' noo, corntrovahsial, an' largely un-researched fields fum
politically inco'reck, high-git-up-and-git, resource-eatin' applied molecular technologies t'politically corntrolled nucular technologies, t'junetics held back an' attacked by christian an'
environmentalist insteetooshuns, t'widely shunned/prosecuted research direcked toward hoomin immo'tality.

Keep in mind thet almost ev'ry pioneer of science o' technology was igno'ed o' persecuted at th' time of his discovahies. Dynamics of mahsticisms is identical wif anti-technology attitudes:
they cornsist of th' autymatic o' purposely dishoness rejeckshun of th' obvious wifout honess considerashun.

Perhaps th' mos' trimenjus obstacle fo' produckive, honest-minded scientists is th' scientific elite communities an' th' academic establishment. Today, these communities an' insteetooshuns funckshun
through simple group dynamics, of obeyin' t'th' autho'ity, t'th' popular, t'th' stan'ards.

Th' greek philosopher Plato was th' foun'er of his own skoo, which he called th' Academah. Plato's main premises include thet 1) objeckive reality does not exist 2) ideas an' subjeckive
thunks haf primacy on over reality 3) th' State an' a govment-led society is a necessary, integral part of "reality". Such houn'dogmatic, un-provable truths is th' base of his philosophy, an' are
also th' leadin' viewpoints in today's academic establishment, which persecutes politically inco'reck but valid ideas.

Creativity-destroyin' an' immo'al -- on account o' fo'ce-backed -- compulshun skooin', th' foun'ashun of public skoo systems, is also ideas origeenatin' fum Plato, which he fo'mulated in his
philosophical manifesto, "Th' Republic". Based on sech ejoocayshun is also th' prussian skoo system, a 200 year-old european system of public "ejoocayshun", explicitly aimed t'1) junerate
obedient citizens 2) create dilijunt but narrow-minded physical wawkers an' soldiers 3) intrydooce a set of common, politically co'reck opinions into th' broad populace. In th' 19th century, the
previous free-choice skooin' systems in th' US were on overthrown by power-seekin' statesmen, an' replaced wif this hyar fo'm of man'ato'y public skooin', supervised an' corntrolled by the

Valid pareedigms of ejoocayshun are, in a nutshell, t'1) delivah smarts wifout fo'ce 2) strive t'larn objeckive, provable facks 3) delivah th' prackically applicable smarts necessary fo'
creatin' noo values.

IV. Develop a scientific mind

Yer fust step is t'recreate th' meme of science fo' yo'seff -- by aban'onin' false associashuns wif science, fum dangerous an' purposeless technology, an' images of mad as a weasel in a blender scientists, t'the
largely incompetent academic elite focusin' on th' establishment of autho'itative stan'ards, instead of takin' on evah noo prackical problems, an' also pseudo- an' non-science, like christian

Menny professhunal scientists is highly produckive varmints. Howevah, ev'ry professhunal intrepreneur kin also boost his ability t'create long-term values, hence his success, by unnerstan'in'
an' applyin' th' idea of science.

A clear relashun exists between th' power of innovashun an' mahstic-free wide-scope reckonin'. Wide-scope reckonin' is a method of focused corncentrashun on a specific area, t'identify th' mos' trimenjus
problems an' chances whar they natcherly exist, an' t'develop a prackical long-term strategy wif th' goal of solvin' sech problems through th' realizashun of unique, noo ideas.

Determinin' sech future trimenjus-time problems, solushuns an' oppo'tunities, is th' co'nerstone t'th' development of a wide-scope strategy. Once yo' haf a pitcher of a great invenshun o' effo't thet
will be necessary t'accomplish a trimenjus future goal, yo' kin create a virtual "map" toward thet goal, cornsistin' of business plans, areas of innovashun, chains of problems, thet is all parts of a
mega-plan t'accomplish thet goal, ah reckon.

Some adventure computer games haf a compareeble interackive sto'y; in th' beginnin', yer instrucked about a trimenjus goal thet sh'd be retched, cuss it all t' tarnation. Yo' try yer bess to determine th' next logical
steps necessary fo' retchin' thet goal, ah reckon. By prackically takin' steps toward th' trimenjus solushun, smaller problems an' quests may appear thet yo' hafta solve, then take th' next step. Such games
offen cornfront their players wif illogical, nearly unimaginable steps thet hafta be taken t'solve th' problem in a comical, funny way. Determined scientific reckonin' applied t'facshul
goal-o'iented problem-solvin' differs in this hyar point. It is completely realistic, an' th' smaller steps thet lead t'success is allus foun' through reality-o'iented, cuz-an'-effeck reckonin'.

Prackice scientific egoism

By applyin' scientific egoism, ev'ry indivijool kin unleash a process of boun'less se'f-empowerment. Whut in tarnation is scientific egoism? It is a cornsequent, disciplined, se'f-o'iented attitude. It is a
mo'al o'ientashun, an' clearly differs fum "ego-mania" an' "hedonistic" perspeckives. Unlike menny other lifestyles thet is junerally mis-labeled as egoism, it corntains no se'f-defeatin',
se'f-destruckive, o' pareesitic aspecks. Rather, scientific egoism is a noo term dexcribin' th' cuz-an'-effeck principle applied t'all varmintal areas of one's life.

Integrate thet principle not only into yer produckive wawk, but into all of yer varmintal plans an' ackshuns. Scientific egoists manage their life much like free-market o'iented CEOs manage their
top-growth businesses. Allus apply cost discipline, fo' both financial costs an' time.

Thin's thet improve enny area of yer life is desuhable an' positive. Howevah, larn t'evaluate sech positives, through:

1.Th' intensity of positive effecks
2.Th' probability wif which positive effecks will happen
3.Th' financial costs
4.Th' time costs

Thin's thet lead t'nothin' o' waste time wifout yieldin' long-term results is harmful, ah reckon. Especially, avoid spendin' money fo' sech thin's. Expenses thet lead t'an objeckive improvement of enny
area of yer life is positive, but all other expenses is negative an' muss be eliminated, cuss it all t' tarnation.

Thar is no sech thin' as an "in-between" catego'y. Trivial examples c'd be buyin' drugs, unhealthy grub o' mo'e grub than necessary fo' a balanced diet, o' spendin' money on time-wastin',
distrackin' noos media producks.

Inspirashun leads t'value-based goals

To levahage scientific ideas fo' yer strategies, plans an' ackshuns, besides exertin' problem-solvin' effo'ts, yo' also need t'be inspired, cuss it all t' tarnation. Requirements fo' Inspirashun is free, limitless reckonin',
an' th' necessary motivashun. Considerin' th' follerin' facks kin he'p yo' t'emoshunally grasp th' potential of science in o'der t'achieve thet motivashun an' t'be inspired, cuss it all t' tarnation.

Today, th' progress in life-savin' biotechnology is a reality, an' in th' beginnin' of a postible exponential growth phase, despite th' constant political/religious attacks in its most impo'tant areas,
despite th' beginnin' of a regulashun-indooced economic downturn, an' despite its persecushun by autho'ity-obedient citizens igno'ant t'th' values of business an' science.

Howevah, even th' nooess biotechnologies is relatively simple, when compared t'th' potential of science in th' next hundred years. DNA molecules were identified only 50 years ago, an' the
discovery of polymerase chain reackshun, a key t'modern junetics is roughly 10 years old, cuss it all t' tarnation. This hyar foun'ashun, PCR, is even a relatively simple process thet kin be unnerstood by laymen, as enny fool kin plainly see. As part of a
later projeck, secretcodes.o'g might publish experimental material thet lets indivijools varmintally unnerstan' an' apply basic techniques of junetics themselves, t'suppo't this hyar fo'm of amateur
science, dubbed 'biohackin''.

Th' sciences of biotechnology, fum junetics t'microbiology, is examples of yo'ng disciplines of science thet still need t'mature an' become sophisticated, cuss it all t' tarnation. How does fields of science become
sophisticated? Through th' applicashun of th' existin' smarts in as menny cornstruckive an' prackical ways postible. Thet way, no unnecessary stan'ards is created, an' no purposeless o'
daid-end direckshuns in thet field of science will be pursued, cuss it all t' tarnation. Rather, noo problems will be identified an' then solved through noo discovahies o' th' creashun of noo subcatego'ies of a scientific
discipline. Th' dynamical nature of science makes it necessary t'apply it t'solve real-wo'ld problems in o'der t'drive it fo'ward, cuss it all t' tarnation.

Fo' example, nothin' c'd advance biotechnology sciences as fast as th' broad public smarts an' acceppance of th' fack thet noo innovashuns delivah a realistic prospeck of ultimately curin'
ev'ry terminal disease an' symppom, ultimately even corntrollin' hoomin evolushun, instead of acceppin' th' defaults of nature. In 1984, autho's of th' compenny I&O publishin' were th' fust to
openly identify th' fust science-based routes t'hoomin immo'tality, sech as hoomin clonin' an' whole hide transplantashuns. Back then, 10 years were th' estimated time fo' thet goal t'be
accomplished, cuss it all t' tarnation. Wifin th' last 17 years, thet goal has nearly been retched, through invenshuns sech as th' theo'etically wawkin' telomere reset therapy; its prackical applicashun bein' held back
only by represshun-fearin' scientists an' narrow-scope reckonin' biotech investo's, an' ultimately, on account o' of th' political/religious fo'ces of a still existin' annicivilizashun.

Durin' th' a-comin' century, smarts in most current fields of science will probably become obsolete, o' at least attain a status like juneral simple smarts, as today is steam ingines, light
bulbs, o' eleckricity.

See relatively, fum th' perspeckive of a civilizashun thet has progressed linearly fo' t'other 1000 years in th' future, even all aspecks of current high-tech, inergy- an' molecular technology
combined'd rarely be complex o' sophisticated inough t'even be cornsidered as technologies.

Ideas: th' smalless units of value

Ideas is th' foun'ashun an' th' smalless units, th' atoms, of value. Values is created by brin'in' nonmahstic ideas into reality, developin' them t'tangible values an' usin' them o' distributin'
them on th' free market. Th' mos' trimenjus intities of value is processes of mass-replicatin' developed values an' spreadin' them t'a maximum audience of cestomers, while th' smallest, elemental
units, ideas, is whut all other processes in value-o'iented business an' science is based on, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Also, remember th' cuz-an'-effeck, scientifically provable, Di Silvestro equashun: T1(I+E)=vT2(k), demonstratin' thet all ideas kin be cornvahted into thin's in cornjunckshun wif th' control of
intenshun an' effo't fo' brin'in' an idea into reality. Th' only prerequisite fo' developin' scientific ideas an' fo' realizin' them is th' free-choice cornsciousness inharnt t'ev'ry hoomin bein'. In
other wo'ds, through wide-scope reckonin' an' houn'dogma-free volishun of his cornscious mind, ev'ry cornscious indivijool has th' potential t'ultimately create ev'rythin' cornceivable in exissence.

On overcome th' illushun of complexity

Whut in tarnation is th' purpose of secretcodes.o'g? It sarves as a research point fo' developin' an' analyzin' unique methods of publishin' an' distributin' corntrovahsial info'mashun through cyberspace. Its
maintainers try t'unnerstan' th' responses an' reackshuns t'their carefully an' strategically craf'ed memetic ideas, then o'ganizin' an' re-fo'mulatin' noo strategies fo' spreadin' them ideas
widely through cyberculture t'ultimately plan a digital, indivijoolistic cyberspace revolushun. Th' accumulated ideas corntinue t'increase in value as noo programs an' ideas is added into its
matrix, which will, corntinue t'be available fo' free as a research projeck.

Thomas An'erson, chief edito' of secretcodes.o'g, is a se'f-ejoocayted programmer. He maintains ev'rythin' related t'secretcodes.o'g wifin a regular mini-schedule of 15 minutes, han'lin' due
promoshun an' article distribushun jobs, site updates, user updates an' mail co'respondence wif partners fo' thet site. Through th' applicashun of scientific thunk an' ackshun patterns, he was able
to discard th' illushuns of complexity, bea-comin' also a sought-af'er IT wawker. Programmin' an' expert smarts in IT technology is a classical example of a "complex" issue. On account o' of bein'
confronted wif a whole noo area, makin' necessary diffrunt mode of larnin' (but not a harder one), varmints create fo' themselves th' illushun of complexity, especially of th' simple corncepps
sech as comman's an' basics of programmin' languages. Se'f-ejoocayted programmers usually larn by readin' a book o' two on a language, lookin' at existin' program sources, an' then simply
startin' t'try t'create own programs, testin' out how funckshuns wawk an' co'reckin' them when they doesn't, an' then, buildin' up their smarts through simple trial-an'-erro' prackicin'. The
longer a professhunal wawks in his professhun, th' less he experiences his wawk as complex, although it acshully becomes mo'e an' mo'e sophisticated on over time. Th' reason is his growin'
sartinty through bein' accestomed t'his wawk. Subjeckive fear of unknown taxs an' of failure prevent real cornfrontashun wif enny noo area. Missin' cornfrontashun an' ackively diggin' into an
area usually prevent real larnin' an' creates illushuns of incomprehensible problems an' complexity. In reality, ev'ry business projeck, ev'ry scientific discipline, ev'ry cornceivable system kin
allus be brought down t'its parts an' be unnerstood, cuss it all t' tarnation.

Finally, try t'extend these insights thet complexity is junerated through subjeckive perspeckives an' reackive behavio', t'all related problems. Ev'ryday habits, larnin' processes, th' realizashun
of ideas, decidin' on business strategies, effeckive communicashun -- all areas of hoomin life kin be improved through leavin' autymatic an' subjeckive thunk patterns behind, by identifyin' them
an' then rejeckin' them by ackively cornfrontin' an' quesshunin' etch problem, dawgone it.

V. Integrate science wif business

Business an' science is both methods fo' solvin' real problems whar they does exist, through own independent judgment an' ackshun.

Science is primarily "ho'izontal" problem solvin', pushin' fo'ward into noo areas, an' developin' noo ideas, methods, an' technologies fo' dealin' wif noo problems, an' solvin' detail quesshuns
on th' road t'problem solushun, while business is primarily "vahtical" problem solvin', establishin' processes necessary t'fully develop, improve an' then replicate/distribute existin' values wif
maximum efficiency.

Businesses, especially startups, thet explicitly exist t'reckanize an' distribute scientific projecks (through research an' development, an' later, also through produckshun an' marketin'), create the
most values an' wealth in th' long term, dawgone it. Howevah, enny free-market business goals kin be o'iented aroun' science, thet is, aroun' findin' noo, unique approaches an' solushuns, then producin'
an' distributin' them in fo'm of maximum-value producks an' services.

To be able t'direck th' goals an' strategies of a business toward scientific projecks, o' strategies, yo' probably fust hafta be se'f-employed, o' git into a leadin' management posishun. While
th' ideas an' initiative necessary fo' thet hafta come fum yer own effo't, th' basic techniques fo' startin' yer own business o' easily gittin' into management kin be larned fum readin',
fo' example, Global Wealth Power, which is available on th' internet fo' free. These principled approaches thet bust wif menny non-cornstruckive habits an' emoshun-based mistakes in business
can greatly he'p small, internet-based companies, but may he'p even mo'e when applied in a trimenjus interprise wif a "complex" an' divahse business struckure even mo'e dependent on efficiency.

Realizin' wide-scope business ideas

Ideas fo' long-term goals of a business kin be catego'ized acco'din' t'at least four facko's: 1) risks, an' th' amount of postible resistance aginst a goal 2) experience, competence an'
initiative necessary t'be able t'reckanize a goal 3) resources, sech as in financial expenses, an' th' necessary manpower 4) impo'tance, in terms of wide-scope values delivahed through thet goal,
an' also, in turn, postible profits thet kin be gained fum an idea.

Impo'tant t'consider is, thet not only direck scientific developments, but also, fo' example, th' creashun of noo economical struckures, kin be innovashun. Consider produckive varmints an'
discovahers, thet established tradin' routes in Asia centuries ago. Solvin' sech mighty noo scenarios required them t'apply pure cuz-an'-effeck reckonin'. Remember Thomas A. Edison, who
had t'market his own discovery of eleckricity an' th' light bulb throughout South Car'lina. He succeeded on account o' he created his own infrastruckure fo' a noo technology through prackical business

Th' follerin' business ideas is a few examples thet kin git yo' started reckonin'. They is evaluated through th' four criteria dexcribed above, points range fum 1 t'5. Smaller goals kin be
evaluated in similar ways. Th' impo'tant point about how t'find sech ideas is t'concentrate on yer varmintal skills, posishun, area of th' business yer in, an' then, t'find wide-scope goals in
thet area, fo' much needed developments, producks, services, o' infrastruckures, which haf nevah been reckanized befo'e.

Essence: Publishin' of facks
Dexcripshun: Publicizin' undeniable facks wif scientific backgroun's, sech as igno'ed health an' nutrishun facks, economic facks, facks about diffrunt political systems, etc.
Type of business: Publisher, statistics ajuncy, literary ajuncy
Risk: 1, Experience: 1, Resources: 2, Impo'tance: 2

Essence: Convenshunal business ideas
Dexcripshun: Takin' cornvenshunal business ideas t'th' next level, outcompetin' other businesses through noo produckshun methods an' lower prices
Type of business: Grub, clothin', tradin', cornstruckshun, real estate, etc.
Risk: 2, Experience: 4, Resources: 2, Impo'tance: 2

Essence: Decentralizin' near-govment business
Dexcripshun: Offer cyberspace vahshuns of established insteetooshunal services
Type of business: Bankin', cybercash, administrashun, ejoocayshun
Risk: 3, Experience: 4, Resources: 2, Impo'tance: 3

Essence: Business t'Business
Dexcripshun: He'p intrepreneurs find relashuns, suppliers, affiliates, investo's
Type of business: Organizashun o' small compenny
Risk: 1, Experience: 3:, Resources: 2, Impo'tance: 3

Essence: Passive defense aginst govment corntrol
Dexcripshun: Asset proteckshun, legal defense, offsho'e holdin's
Type of business: Law firm, financial services compenny
Risk: 4, Experience: 2, Resources: 3, Impo'tance: 3

Essence: Ackive defense aginst govment corntrol
Dexcripshun: Legal cornfrontashun services (e.g, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells! fo' legally rejeckin' tax liabilities, challengin' court systems, legally rejeckin' regulashuns thet haf impacks on a client's business)
Type of business: Law firm, financial services compenny
Risk: 5, Experience: 3, Resources: 3, Impo'tance: 4

Essence: Infrastruckure creashun
Dexcripshun: Buildin' noo economic infrastruckures which didn't exist befo'e in a compareeble fo'm (e.g, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells! communicashuns), an' establishin' noo supply chains
Type of business: Internashunal trade, logistics, resource suppliers
Risk: 2, Experience: 4, Resources: 4, Impo'tance: 4

Essence: Infrastruckure creashun / Infrastruckure subvahshun
Dexcripshun: As above, buildin' noo infrastruckures, but wif goals of evadin' govment-established "infrastruckures" an' its regulato'y systems, an'/o' pushin' into untouched economies of
totalitarian countries o' regions, an'/o' challengin' an unchallenged economical status-quo
Type of business: Internashunal trade, logistics, resource suppliers
Risk: 5, Experience: 4, Resources: 3, Impo'tance: 5

Essence: Ejoocayshun
Dexcripshun: Challenge established ejoocayshunal/academical systems through a co'po'ashun fo' competitive affo'dable private ejoocayshun centers
Type of business: Private skoo, business skoo, online skoo/unyversity
Risk: 3, Experience: 4, Resources: 5, Impo'tance: 5

Essence: Research an' development
Dexcripshun: Pursue politically inco'reck/persecuted research in yer area
Type of business: Biotechnology, Git-up-and-git, Vehicles, etc.
Risk: 4, Experience: 4, Resources: 5, Impo'tance: 5

Enny intrepreneur kin start off right now by determinin' a business along these lines. Th' only thin's necessary is effo't an' realism about one's goals, i.e., determinin' whut risk, experience-,
an' resource-requirements is appropriate fo' one acco'din' t'one's current posishun, an' findin' compatible ideas. As a last bit of advice, yo' kin use th' follerin' points t'keep checkin' eff'n
yer on th' right track, an' as juneral guidelines:

Confrontashun is essential, cornfrontashun wif competishun, political measures aginst yo', media slan'er, etc. as fine as cornfrontashun wif fast-changin' oppo'tunities, yer projeck
status, an' open points in yer corncepp. Take th' initiative an' keep it; doesn't passively let thin's happen, as enny fool kin plainly see.
In the dawgoned-est business scenarios, keep a low profile an' avoid growin' through media fame an' publicity; instead, grow through real effo't. Gain publicity rather among business
communities, partners, an' affiliates.
Keep makin' slow, steady profits by stickin' t'yer long-term o'ientashuns. Current economies may suppo't makin' eemeejut high profits wifout acshully producin' equivalent values
(e.g, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells! through political affiliashun, business mergers/sales, stock manipulashun tricks); avoid makin' sech misleadin' profits.
Junerally, doesn't profit by takin' advantage of establishment oppo'tunities, includin' govment funds, an' involvement wif scientific/academic communities (if sech involvement
partially o' fully compromises yer goals).
Eff'n postible, profit by sploitin' o' outcompetin' political/religious/ academical systems, which inables yo' t'bypass mo'e competitive markets while buildin' competishun in pow'ful
impo'tant areas.
Create unique long-term values o' establish systems thet facilitate th' creashun an' exchange of high-deman' unique long-term values.

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