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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 28, 2002 at 09:34

Re: the universe is ~6kyo (DA Morgan)

Oops, almost overlooked this one.

ďWhat makes you sure you understand their work? ď

So you donít recall these words? I merely cut and pasted your own earlier response. You thought it was a killer argument so I thought you would be duly impressed. It is very evident you donít read what others say and now it seems evident you donít even read your own comments either.

ďI've got an idea to test your understanding.Ē

My, you are getting desperate, arenít you? Just getting caught making an unthinking comment that entropy has no bearing on the end of the universe will drive you to such desperation of trying to change the subject to the difference between rest energies and the energies of moving matter. Would you prefer E=mc^2/sqrt(1-v^2/c^2) or the simpler to type E=mc^2+mv^2/2+3/8mv^4/c^2+Ö Iím surprised you didnít go straight for the kill with the difference between special and general relativity.

Now can we get back to the subject of what the universe would look like if entropy and the second law of thermodynamics were different? You say the universe would still collapse or expand with no change. That there would be no difference in the energy/mass ratio. Want me to educate you (demonstrate your ignorance) or would you prefer to run in another direction hoping to escape the inevitable? Your choice. Either will be entertaining.

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