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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 28, 2002 at 08:06

Re: the answer is no (DA Morgan)

Of course there are lots of sources of heat. Of course the earth radiates more heat than it receives from the sun. Does that have anything to do with your original posting?

Aren't you the one who said on June 11 "the issue of solar balance is irrelevant"? What in the world could you have meant by that statement that would make any sense? A very minor change in solar activity could swamp all other sources of heat. And we canít measure solar activity very accurately yet.

So what did you mean? I am not asking for another attempt to change the subject to something that is correct but has no relationship with the original statement. No "the balance is composed of many things" or "volcanoes are hot" or "Einstein knew more than you do". Just a simple explanation of why you don't think the balance is relevant to the earthís surface temperature and why an immeasurable change in solar activity canít possibly be the source of all the measured temperature changes.

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