Re: The Pledge of Allegience should stay the way it is..

Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jun 28, 2002 at 05:51

Re: The Pledge of Allegience should stay the way it is.. (Ben)

I recognize and respect your perspective. I just wanted to show you the view from another side. It's not a level playing field out there.

For example, my son's father abused him severely when he was three. At age four, I enrolled him in Head Start. He came home very distressed and disturbed. It turns out that part of the routine at Head Start was to say a prayer to god before they had a meal. Apparently one of the staff explained to him that god was "our father in heaven" and explained to him that god could see and hear everything we do, etc. All of this without my knowledge or consent, of course. My son was unutterably terrified that god the father was going to come down from heaven and hurt him like his own father had done.

It took months to get him over that one.

Please don't ever assume that religion, in whatever form, is innocuous or benign. I and mine have paid a heavy price for that assumption.

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