Re: Pascal's wager...

Posted by Ben on Jun 27, 2002 at 23:23

Re: Pascal's wager... (DA Morgan)

There is a lot to lose by ignoring, or in anyman's case denying, honest scientific discovery. And that loss has resulted in almost all, if not all, of the mayhem, carnage, and idiocy performed in the name of this or that religion.

"What profit a heaven beyond this life if earned by bringing hell on earth?" don't remember where I heard this.

Blind belief in one form or another, whether religious or secular, is one of the primary causes of suffering in the world. There are both the sins of commission of those who blindly believe, and the sins of ommission (such as failure to exploit the sciences for the good of humanity because of religious dogma).

A good Christian is one who's focus on the next life is not so obsessive that he neglects entirely to take advantage of this one.

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