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Mike Kremer on Jan 21, 2002 at 15:30 (

Re: The Future of Cars, Assured-Running on Hydrogen (Dale)

No, no a thousand times no.
I would'nt dream of combusting pressurised Hydrogen as in a car piston/cylinder......I agree
with you very inefficient.
Had you read my earlier post on this -I have only
talked Fuel Cells (Jan;10 th above)

Lets simplify thing a little
1 Gallon of gas(burnt)will drive a car 8-25 miles
(Dependant upon its engine size)

1 Gal gas=380 SCF H2 =114 SCF Nat gas =8 lbs coal
(all approx)

380 SCF Hydrogen CONSUMED in a regenerative fuel cell, produces enough Watts to drive a car 50-150 miles. Dependant upon the shape and size of the car, and electric motor (also under development)efficency.

By consumed I mean not burnt (exploded)

Its understandable that development data for fuel cell plus elec: motor, is not available, being kept, understandably secret by the Companies involved. The various sintered catalyst involved
such as platinum or platinum black, and membrane are highly secret.
**I have been having trouble with my usual computer which accesses my email, this site, and others automatically 4 times an hour.
I am not quite aufait booting up manualy using this computer ....But when I have corrected the problem i will get back (hopefully) ;-)

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