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Posted by bobbapink on Jun 27, 2002 at 17:03

Re: My pledge of alegunce (DA Morgan)

Dang it – I said in my last post that I’d have no more comment but I’m board so…

It doesn't mean that it isn't wrong in the strictest of legal senses.

The Supreme Court, in its decisions cannot ever be wrong. You, and I, can disagree with the decisions but they are, by constitutional definition, correct - even if they defy all logic and common sense – as they sometimes do. This is, IMO, a matter even the founding fathers would have, and indeed did, struggle with. My reasoning for this is the complete lack of the mention of God in the constitution and the notable DOI use of the word and concept "creator" in the axiom regarding man’s inalienable rights. God and Creator are not after all, synonymous…except to those that consider the Creator God. This leads me to believe they may well have had this very argument and came to a rather cleverly worded compromise. I’ll off-handedly attribute that contribution to Jefferson specifically, as it was typical of his political and theological philosophy (or lack thereof). Perhaps Ben played a part there as well.

But the court does not have the courage to stand up to a unanimous Senate reflecting a current, as opposed to Founding Father's, sensibility.

Sure they have the courage but I doubt the conservative members have the will – it is a tough call after all. Besides, there really is nothing the Senate can do about it. Remember Roe V. Wade? The controversy regarding that case far exceeded anything regarding this one.

As a side note it was not until I was well into fifth or sixth grade that I realized that we were not invisible. I guess being indivisible will have to do for now.

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