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DA Morgan on Jun 27, 2002 at 11:37

Re: where is that oort cloud...(wade et al) (Thermus aquaticus)

You are correct. Anyman reeks of wilfull ignorance. He desperately grasps for straws that by some convoluted illogic will make it look like the scientific method and theory don't work.

Anyman's credo is something like:
"Ignore electricity, modern medicine, surgical techniques, trips around the solar system, air conditioning, plastics, etc. etc. etc. and look at this microscopic sliver of something ... see ... evolution is wrong so you must take Genesis as literal truth rather than alegorical truth."

It would take hundreds of microgram, heck it would take milligrams, of LSD before I'd buy into such poppycock.

The Oort cloud may not have been observed. But Oort cloud objects have been. But then, based on anyman's ability to ignore reality, he could just as easily say that no one has seen neutrinos, quarks, gluons, or time.

Basically ... he is hanging on by his fingernails to a time that passed more than 150 years ago. He is standing on the rails in front of an oncoming train and denying its existance.

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