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Posted by Southern Man on Jun 27, 2002 at 09:03

Re: heat transfer (DA Morgan)

"This is not something amenable to a quick fix ... were it ... someone would have done it already."

Nope. Fixing the problem is not allowed. Just as with nuclear waste, a fix for the problem of "global warming" would be far worse for the environmentalists than the problem. Why would anyone give money to Greenpeace if the world wasn't about to end if they didn't?

There are many simple solutions that would allow us to reduce global temperatures if needed. Currently the US is about to finally (after 30 years of fighting) get a nuclear waste disposal site. And what do the environmentalists who said we couldn’t have nuclear power until we had a disposal site say? They now say this is horrible because waste will have to be transported to the site and so we must send them money to continue the fight against it. Far better to have waste stored in our neighborhoods than to get rid of it in the desert. As long as it is stored in our neighborhoods we have perpetual funding for the environmentalists.

Global warming is on the same track. Any proposals to reduce temperatures with simple things like promoting the painting of black surfaces white would be opposed. The only solution acceptable to the global warming proponents is to do what they say – whatever that is at the moment. The problem isn’t the problem. Money for the environmentalists is the problem.

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