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Re: CANS (I. S.)

the "under god" you refer to was added to the pledge itself in 1954

but it was in keeping with long standing precedents, many and from the beginning :-)

the earlier signatories to the declaration of independence invoked god four times :-)

early documents and acts of american government commonly invoked god somehow (and it was the god of the bible that they were invoking)

the first official presidential proclamation (of george washington and the newly formed government of the usa) was washington's thanksgiving proclamation of 1789

As the nation's first president, George Washington, a few months after his inauguration, issued "Presidential Proclamation Number One" ...


i have another hardcopy document that i can't lay hands on at the moment that claims it was the first offical act period

and there is this...

Citing biblical precedents and resolutions of the Continental Congress, the proponents of a Thanksgiving celebration prevailed . . . Washington issued the proclamation on 3 October, designating a day of prayer and thanksgiving.

thanksgiving/> more


original printed version


original handscript

the congress of the nation (both senate and house) open their sessions daily with a prayer to god

the congress of every state does the same...and i have had the good pleasure of leading that prayer for the legislature of the state of colorado

i agree with those that predict the ruling will be overturned

i guess we'll just have to wait and see how pluralistic american society really has become (as paul well's gone far in that direction already)

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