Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 27, 2002 at 02:40

Re: CANS (anyman)

I find that article rather disturbing, as I am sure anyman does. But probably for different reasons.
i.e. Do you REALLY have to have a religion to believe in God?

The Religions are man made. You dont have to have to believe in a religion to believe in a maker?
There must be tens of thousands of illiterate people, who know nothing about religion, but in
their own way believe in a maker, a supreme being
a God, the Universe? Ignorant they may be but they wonder upon their existence, daily.

The Jews dont have to believe in God to be Jewish, nor do the Buddhists, as far as I know.
They each have their laws for living. In the same way that every country has their diffrnt laws for governing.

The Church was always be separate from State and country in the past. Only in relative recent times have Governments embraced the Catholic or the Moslem creed, to enhance their govermental powers.

It seems to me that the Court of Appeal, is wrong to profess that God maybe identical to Vishnue, Zeus, Jesus, or any other great sage of old.
Whatever you believe about them, they did not
create the world, therefore they are not the creator, i.e Not God.

They should have left well alone, anyone know who what started this appeal?
Because whether there is a change or not, its going to upset and entrench or separate a lot more people.

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