Re: Aspirin could Cut Lung Cancer

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DA Morgan on Jun 27, 2002 at 02:01

Re: Aspirin could Cut Lung Cancer (Dogrock)

Ignoring, for a lifetime, anyman's pseudo-scientific quasi-religios preaching ... we will absolutely be born on, live life on, and die on drugs. And the reason has nothing to do with the aforementioned voodoo. Is is the simple fact that we now know how to improve our lot and we'd be fools not to do it.

Anyone with an infection that would forgo antibiotics is a fool (unless already dying). Anyone with depression that refers treatment is, by my definition, clinically insane. The list goes on.

We can always return to the Biblical or pre-Biblical lifestyle. And along with it suffer death, pain, and suffering on a Biblical scale.

All this nonsense about living naturally is 99% romanticism and hyperbole intended to market a product. Life before the modern age was ... well ... would you trade your life for that of a peasant in Rwanda? And then think worse than that.

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