you err...

Posted by anyman on Jun 27, 2002 at 01:03

Re: No, you err.....(Wha'd Mama tell you 'bout assumin'?) (Sparrow)

you some right and you some wrong

bill is still right in his objection to and criticism of your comments

exodus and leviticus lay out an additional ~613 regulations (see also colossians 2.14, which also clarifies the right point that you made in response above) reiterated in deuteronmoy that were not rabbinic (mishnaic, gemaric [talmud] or midrashim) interpretations or impositions

they were ordinances...and as bill said, given to moses by god...on the mount...during his exclusive interview with god...twice for forty days each...that'd be eighty all told

if you say wrong stuff, people won't see the right stuff you say...they'll dismiss you

of course, we be pretty well dismissed regardless, eh :-)

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