Re: where is that oort cloud...(wade et al)

Posted by anyman on Jun 26, 2002 at 23:36

Re: where is that oort cloud...(wade et al) (Wade Lee)

if your statement had any coherence with reality, your point, at least the one you were trying to make, okay, the one i think you were trying to make, would have been pretty good

tell whoever you got this from that he's a pinhead and needs to bone up a little more so that he can at least rate as a bonehead :-)

"Mr God created the world (Time and Space) in 7 days"...see anything wrong with that statement?

sure, i see plenty wrong with that could stand to do a little research too :-)

he made the heavens and the earth ["the world" (time and space)] in one day, the first day...and since the text says that he did other things that day as well, it is reasonable to assume that he did what you claim in some portion or fraction of that day...perhaps even in the first instant

he created everything else in the following five days

he finished all of his creative work in six (that's 6 not 7) days

he rested on the 7 th day see plenty "wrong with that statement" :-)

but you also welcome to try again :-)

ps -- though god is not generally referred to as mr, he is generally referred to in the masculine (with the exception of the holy spirit who is generally referred to in the neuter) you almost got that part right :-) major out of a bunch ain't so bad for someone that doesn't have a clue what he is talking about :-)

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