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Hi Bobbapink:)

HI!!! again!

Before i start, may i recommend that in your replies you separate what i said and what you said into separate paragraphs? Just hit the Enter key a couple of times to accomplish this. This makes it much easier to read. If you like, Iíll show you some HTML tricks so that you can format text into italics, bold, etc.

Regarding treatable cancers, you replied:

I am maybe optimistic but I did mean cancer that was not treatable at this present time.

Gotcha. There are not many that have zero degree of treatability(sp?). Pancreatic cancer perhaps, i don't know. I know what you mean though.

Regarding the telephone company and unlimited use contracts you replied:

I beg to differ( although i could be wrong)I am not aware there exists in the states a phone company that will let you have "unlimited" "free" long distance calls any where in the world.

That's not exactly what i meant, sorry. In the states there are many telephone service provides that compete with one-another. Generally, there are local service companies and long-distance service companies. The local-service companies handle the basics such as local calls, touch-tone, voice-mail, etc. The long distance handles just that: long distance. In my local area, Virginia Beach, Virginia, there are at least five competing local services. Each offers a variety of slightly differ "packages" designed to best "fit" the service you need. (Actually designed to best extract dollars from your pocket but that's beside the point for right now.) I use a basic local service (Verizon) with caller ID ($5.00?) and touchtone (.50?) and pay about 25 dollars a month. With the various taxes and fees it comes to about 30. My long distance service (ITT) is a flat rate 7 cents a minute anytime, anywhere within the continental US and (i think!) Canada with no minimum. Overseas rates are more depending on the country. Philippines is 25 cents a minute for example. I could get different services and pay different prices but what I have selected now best fits both my wallet, my calling habits, and my laziness to search out cheaper services. If either raises their prices, Iíll begin looking elsewhere for better deals.

Further regarding charges you replied:

you deny that they charge all customers evenly...then you assert that they do charge evenly all in the sentence.

On re-reading my post, i can see that this is indeed what i wrote. My fault. My only point was that they charge you what they think they can get away with and the more competition that exists, the less likely (but not impossible) they will charge greatly more than what it costs them to provide you the service. Sorry if i was unclear.

In reply, you continued:

I was merely pointing out that telephone companies should even out all services, including long distance calls, and charge all thier customers one flat monthly fee.

As far as local service goes, that's pretty much what they do for straight local calls. (although you can get a much cheaper service but are limited to 30??? Calls per month with each additional call being 25 cents???. And, they certainly do charge more for other services. Thatís good as far as Iím concerned. I mean, why should i want to pay for service i don't get, such as caller id? Now, if that's the only way the phone company wanted to operate, it would be within their right to do so but if another phone company came along that broke the service down and only charged me for what I actually used, i might well opt to change local providers. It's really just a game you see. They try to get more out of me and i try to get more out of them.

The prices they charge does not justify the cost, automatic machines do the work which the machines have been long ago paid.

The prices they charge is not meant to justify cost, it is meant to justify the stock holders, all of who fully expect the company to maximize profits. As long as competition is both legal and available, the costs never rise out of hand. They ain't in it for altruistic reasons - they want to make big bucks. That's the motivator to start the company in the first place. Without that motivator, their would be fewer companies, more expenses, and far worse-quality service.

All one has to do is look at the average profits these companies make. ( don't take one example but take several companies) I was just having a friendly discussion.

Some succeed greatly, others fail miserably. Overall, my service remains both constant and reasonable in terms of cost.

And...AND...a friendly discussion it remains!


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