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Hi Bobbapink:) you said-->"Far more than half are treatable now. Did you mean curable as a matter of routine? If so, i think you are being overly optimistic. Maybe 30 or 50 years"I am maybe optimistic but I did mean cancer that was not treatable at this present time.Then you said-->"I can get all of the above from the phone company for about 30 dollars a month now. I see from your IP address that you are in Canada so I guess that's about the same. In the U.S., the telephone industry is, i think, unregulated, and they just charge what they think they can get away with. As long as there is competition, the prices will remain reasonable. Ive considered dumping land lines altogether and opting instead for straight cell service but. It would actually be cheaper except for the occasional overseas call I have to make. I also still connect to the internet through a yucky telephone modem as I cannot yet justify the additional cost of a cable or DSL connection." I beg to differ( although i could be wrong)I am not aware there exists in the states a phone company that will let you have "unlimited" "free" long distance calls any where in the world. They will charge you for everything, caller ID, touch tone, voice mail...etc.then you said " Actually, yes! So to speak. They just average it out over all their customers and divide evenly. Id probably fair worse if they broke it down by my own personal actual use. I suspect that those that use the internet less frequently than do I, and yet are still paying the standard monthly fee for unlimited-connect, are subsidizing my costs somewhat."you deny that they charge all customers evenly...then you assert that they do charge evenly all in the sentence. I was merely pointing out that telephone companies should even out all services, including long distance calls, andcharge all thier customers one flat monthly fee.The prices they charge does not justify the cost, automatic machines do the work which the machines have been long ago paid.All one has to do is look at the average profits these companies make. ( don't take one example but take several companies) I was just having a friendly discussion.You are welcome to ask me by e-mail where i am from:) If possible, I would appreciate if you have a few moments and email me the name of the company that gives you for 30 dollars free unlimited long distance calls anywhere in the world, free caller ID, free touch tone, free voice mail, free three party calls. All for a flat monthly fee of 30 dollars. I am not perfect, but was just having fun (predicting) and could be 100 % wrong:) boppapink, i will not criticize you if you predict something, anything can and possibly could happen:) Whats important, we all have some fun:)

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