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I think many here agree that within the next ten years, half or more of the different kinds of cancers aflicting humanity will be treatable.

Far more than half are treatable now. Did you mean curable as a matter of routine? If so, i think you are being overly optimistic. Maybe 30 or 50 years.

There are many deseases that will get promising new cures from such as gene therapy and stem cell therapy.

I agree but i think ten years is still overly optimistic.

There will also be revolutions in the communications industries, such as telephone companies disapearing for being too greedy in charging for $ for touch tone,long distance,identity screen,voice mail etc...imagine a company charging a monthly fee of around $45 dollars and you'd have unlimited long distance calls, free voice mail,free touch tone...etc.

I can get all of the above from the phone company for about 30 dollars a month now. I see from your IP address that you are in Canada so I guess that's about the same. In the U.S., the telephone industry is, i think, unregulated, and they just charge what they think they can get away with. As long as there is competition, the prices will remain reasonable. Iíve considered dumping land lines altogether and opting instead for straight cell service but. It would actually be cheaper except for the occasional overseas call I have to make. I also still connect to the internet through a yucky telephone modem as I cannot yet justify the additional cost of a cable or DSL connection.

There is alot of talk about this new way of business in Bangalore india and it is only a matter of time before a new telephone company emerges and discusses with governments, assuring the governments that they will get the same tax revenues in this new system.

I canít even begin to count the number of telephone companies that exist today. Iím sure itís in the thousands Ė and thatís only in the US.

Telephone companies have been Gauging clients the world over for every little conviences( voice mail,identity..etc).Example: Does your internet provider charging you for everything such as using the software, charging each time you use a router, download, etc?

Actually, yes! So to speak. They just average it out over all their customers and divide evenly. Iíd probably fair worse if they broke it down by my own personal actual use. I suspect that those that use the internet less frequently than do I, and yet are still paying the standard monthly fee for unlimited-connect, are subsidizing my costs somewhat.

Phone companies have automatic machines doing almost everything, yet they refuse to even think of giving thier clients the savings in the saved labor.

Sure they do, then they put the silly thought out of their headÖas they shouldÖuntil such time as another phone company decides to steal some of their business by charging the clients a bit less for a bit better service.

I believe the telephone industry will get a major scare from this new efficient company that will emerge.Lastly, i believe countries will continue to unite into trading blocks.The next one to emerge will be the pacific rim trade( usa,canada,mexico,south america and asia). Thats my two cents worth. :)

And a fine .02 it was.

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