Feelings? Oh, Oh, Oh Feelings.

Posted by An Onney Mouse on Jan 19, 2002 at 18:26
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Re: Sweet Onney .. Now Get Bobbapink to privatize qualia (Eudaemonic Pie)

Your "Qualia" is a verbo incertae sedis. It does not occur in my lexicon. Please to elucidate.

All other things are never equal. And Milady does enjoy her book. It makes her life bearable, to an extent. It relieves some of her torments.

"How does it *feel*? "

Well, as Milady would say, things usually feel with their afferent neurons. But perhaps you are wondering about its apparent textures. I'd have to say very cellulosic, with a bit of starch and binder, and some ink-jet pigment for added spice. In other words, it feels very like most printed pages these days. Rather crunchy and dry. It goes down pretty well with a beer, though, or some scotch and soda. Or a glass of homemade wine.

Or perhaps again I have misunderstood your meaning in my literality. But this being a Science forum, things tend to go rather literally, not literately. If you'd care to email her, I'm sure Milady might be persuaded to send you a synopsis, or the URL where some of her work is posted on the web. But being as they are literature, not Science, this hardly seems the place. The choice is yours.

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