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Posted by Sparrow on Jun 22, 2002 at 23:23

Re: I think anyman's got the match point here... (DA Morgan)

The odd man out here ... is you. Are you now telling my minister, ordained in a mainstream Protestant church, and most of his congregation that they are all atheists? I've no doubt a few thousand people would be profoundly amazed. Well that and seriously question your sanity.

If your supposed "mainstream" Protestant Church really exists (along with your Rabbi friend), and they truly espouse a "Creative Evolution," and yet a foundational belief in the authority and accuracy of Scripture, then they, not me, have proven themslves deluded by their teaching. I'm sure that any such people are sincere, but they are sincerely in error.

You cannot adhere to the accuracy of the textual witness and say that there is evolution as it has been proposed. "Why?" he asks, rhetorically. Because there was NO DEATH before the Fall of Mankind. Evolution inherently involves millennia of births and deaths, macro- and micro-evolutions. Both cases cannot be true. They are mutually exclusive.

To embrace evolution is to deny God's story. To deny God's story is to play with is denying God.

....question my sanity? Join in, I do it all the time. Anyone who can't healthily step back and question one's groundedness in Reality is closer to the edge and more brittle than I presently am....


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